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From Cambrian to Holocene, arthropods have always been the dominant group, not fishes, reptiles or mammals...



I am Qohelet12 and this is my website where I share my drawings about extinct arthropods, but also about other invertebrates.
I also plan to have a personal blog but I will probably do it in a separate page.
Hope you enjoy the site!

  • - 2023/10/09 First blog post published
  • - 2023/09/28 Some fixes and a new section
  • - 2023/09/26 Appearance fixes; Spanish removed for the moment (don't worry, I'll bring it back!)
  • - 2023/09/08 Now in Spanish!
  • - 2023/09/05 Almost all the images are on the site; I have thought about putting a viewer for the images but for the moment it has not been possible, so it will stay like this, if you want to see how the viewer would look like look for Drepanopterus, it is the only one who has the viewer implemented
  • - 2023/09/04 The gallery is now available and has some images, I'm also thinking about adding a viewer for them and fix a little bit their visualization
  • - 2023/08/03 Small fixes
  • - 2023/08/30 A section called "The Gif hole" is available
  • - 2023/08/27 " links" is now available; fixes
  • - 2023/08/21 The guestbook, contact and about are now available; some fixes
  • - 2023/08/18 First fixed version of the site, includes index and 404 only

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